On August 19th 2005 we received the most devastating news any family can.

Tom, 19 years of age and our youngest son, had lost his life as a passenger in a road traffic collision.

Tom a promising young tennis player had been training and waiting to play a tournament in Germany.

Looking back the fact the accident happened abroad must have made it even more traumatic and brought about more heartache - so many questions.

The expense of travelling to another country or even just around your own country can become another added stress at an already very emotional time.

But most important of all was the loss of a young vibrant life with ambitions of a fantastic and happy future.

It was with this in mind that in 2006 ‘The Take One Moment Foundation’ became a registered charity. Its aim, to raise awareness to the dangers and consequences of reckless driving in young people; and to give information, advice, and financial support to the families and friends who have lost loved ones in a road traffic collision.

It soon became apparent as to where the vast amount of our work would lie and over the years we have worked really hard to raise much needed funds to sponsor many ‘raising awareness’ campaigns, reaching out to many young people. A majority of the campaigns were in partnership with the emergency services, all with one aim.

Sadly at the end of this year, in the 10th year of losing Tom, The Take One Moment Foundation will close its doors, it just seemed the right time.

Keeping “The Take One Moment Foundation” website with all its campaign materials, to be used as an educational tool will become a lasting legacy and a fine tribute to Tom.